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A Little bout big ol’ me

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My name?  McCalla is what I’m referred to by most. I am a down to earth weirdo from Brampton (Suburbs in the GTA), who likes kicks (Sneakers), filling up my bottomless pit of a stomach and doing hoodrat shit with my fam. I more than enjoy music and currently in the processes of learning how to DJ (EmpressM pon deh ones and twos).

Wan fi Hear mi Mix?

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I also enjoy promoting and putting people on . I am a strong believer of supporting others instead of shitting on them (Something mans do a lot). I mean, how far would we get that way?

Anyways, I’ll leave you with this:

You win? No doubt you will be happy. You lose? Get tf up, and lift your head up, a lesson was learned. Isn’t that what life is about?

PS:  Kegels are important ladies.



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