Quote of the Day: Burning Desire? No is not an option.

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April 24, 2017 by EmpressMc

Whats popping? I know its been a while, my nursing exam is coming up so I been pretty busy. Today’s quote comes from a convo I had today….

Never take No for an answer when you are seeking success. 

When you have an idea or a desire in something, sometimes you wanna share it with someone. Sometimes that is not the best option depending on who you are speaking to, why? Because it may result in that person not “diggingYOUR DESIRE, or will devalue your ideas because it something they don’t like. Image result for go for your dream gifLISTEN, dat nuh mean nothing. You love something? You do what u love, at the end of the day YOU are responsible for YOUR life, so why not do what YOU WANT? Do no harm, but take NO SHIT.” Now,  Im not saying quit your job, sit and smoke weed all day cause that’s what you love. I mean that’s a little different (you can smoke di herb, learn and hustle, its not hard). This is where common sense comes into play y’all.

Life is something that we live once (or twice, who knows), so why not try things out? Image result for life has different pathThere are many roads that lead to different results, if one nuh work or doesn’t make you truly happy, why not try a different route? Sometimes got to create your own pathto get what you want.  Life isn’t a straight path. That’s something I tend to forget myself.

Live. Laugh. Learn. GTA.



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