Easter Sunday Shooting and Mental Health.

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April 17, 2017 by EmpressMc

Easter Sunday, a day normally spent with family and friends. A day of peace that turned tragic in Cleveland Ohio.

On April 16, 2017, Steven Stephens, who seem to be having a breakdown of some sort went on Facebook live to express his current feelings, where later he confronted an


Steven Stephens

elderly man by the name of Robert Goodwin Jr. and began to have a conversation with him. Little did he or those who were watching know that would be Roberts last moment before he was shot and killed on FB. Stephen claims on video that he killed more people, around 12-13 but so far no other victims were accounted. He is still at large and is described as 6ft 1inch, about 240 pounds with a bald head and a full beard. He was wearing a dark-striped polo shirt int the video of the shooting and described to be driving a new white Ford Fusion.


My Condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Goodwin and in respect I will not post

Image result for robert godwin jr fb shootingthe video or post a link to it. Instead here is a photo of Mr. Goodwin.

What could have lead Stephens to this horrific act?

In the video he states that “Joy Lane is the reason all of this is about to happen to you.” Joy Lane dated Mr. Stephen for several years.

Could it have been a breakdown? Long time depression? Other mental issues? or was he just angry and evil and wanted the world to know?  As of now, no one knows. That brings me to a topic a lot avoid to talk about and that is mental Health.

Mental Health is very important, but sometimes dealing with life stresses can take a toll on our brains. When an mental illness arises many people fail to understand  what mental illness is and how to deal with managing it. Culture plays a huge part on how we view mental illnesses. An example, in most Caribbean cultures, mental illness means you are possessed and need prayer and rituals to drive this “Demon” out. Many people refuse to obtain proper help due to the stigma and causes their illness worsen over time.Once everyone has a better understanding of what mental illness is, I believe that stigma will begin to fade. Just like any other illness we encounter, mental illness deserves to be assessed and treated with all the support required.

Mental illness are issues that affect the way we think, feel and behave. It can affect the way we think about ourselves or others and can interfere with the way we interact with society. There are different types of mental illness that affect each person differently.

A few examples:

Psychotic disorder: Affects what people think is real and what isn’t. An example of this is Schizophrenia.

Anxiety Disorder: This is the most common and involves excessive and uncontrolled worrying or fears in relation to an everyday thing or situation. Phobias and Panic attacks are examples.

Eating Disorder: Those who don’t know will think that is is not a real disorder and that people just have self esteem issues, something everyone encounters at a point in time. That’s a stigma we need to also fade. Eating disorders are way deeper than just trying to achieve an ideal body. This “diet” may start that way and over time can turn into a way of coping with difficult situations and gaining control that they don’t have or lost. Anorexia and Bulimia are examples.

If you are someone who may not have an illness but feel you are not ok. You are not alone. Seeking help is the BEST thing to avoid future problems. Many will skip out and are afraid they will be view differently. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT AND YOUR NOT ALONE.

Many of us have out episodes but at the end of the day, its what we do to cope. Seeking help early will reduce the risk of further progression and get the required help whether it is income, shelter, community support, one on one support and medication (If needed).

What if you have a loved one who has a mental illness or is going through shit? Again, just like the individual, care givers and parents tend to blame themselves. It is not your fault and supporting them in every way you can is very important, such as reassuring emotional support.

For more information on mental health visit the Canadian Mental Health Association website, where you can find more information on the different types of mental health issues and where to find support and resources in your area.


There is no such thing as weakness in having a mental issue. It is not your fault and there are a lot of individuals like like you. There is help.

Live. Laugh. Learn. GTA.






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