RIP: Charlie Murphy


April 12, 2017 by EmpressMc

If you guys don’t know who Charlie Murphy is and the shit he delivers? Y’ALL TOO YOUNG! (Cant believe I say this now).

Any who, he was a comedian, writer, actor and voice artist who sadly passed away today due to a battle with Leukemia. You will probably best know him from his role in the Dave Chappelle Show. We can all agree he was one funny dude, especially in the skit True Hollywood Stories: Rick James where he explains how he met Rick James and the “loving” relationship they obtain.

True Hollywood Stories: Rick James Part 2

Not only did he have a story for Rick James, but a story for Prince too.

True Hollywood Stories: Prince

He also did voice over as Ed Wuncler III, a war veteran who gwans like a criminal on Cartoon Network’s The Boondocks.

You guys recongize his face in many Tv series or comedies such as Power, Black Jesus and classic movies like The players club and CB4. One thing I know for sure, his dry, rude explicit humour will always continue to make me laugh.

RIP Charlie Murphy.


Live. Laugh. Learn. GTA.



One thought on “RIP: Charlie Murphy

  1. John savage says:

    R.i.P Charlie Murphy

    Nigga was hilarious 😆 Sucks he dead ☹️


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