Quote of the Day/ Song of the Day: Jay Whiss

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March 31, 2017 by EmpressMc

Today is FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIIIDAYY.  Image result for it's friday gotta get downs on friday gif

So you know what that mean? You ah guh put on yuh weekend gear, floss, turn up until Monday morning, where reality hits again. When it comes to this generation, everything we do is on social media. We post what we eat, where we are going, what we are wearing, new kicks or jewels we just bought, to basically show the world we are winning. I mean that is the goal right?  Nah boom.

Capture3.JPG “The goal is to win. Not to look like you are winning.”

We all know those individuals who like to floss on media with things that aren’t theirs, or put on a front to please social media. Why? (Sounds like a hater but suh it guh)

Not just in relations to those on social media but for anyone. If you have a goal, actually go and achieve it. Not just talk about it, BE ‘BOUT IT! 


 Song of the Day 

Watch This by Jay Whiss


Follow him on soundcloud: Jay Whiss

Twitter: @JayWhiss

Website: www.jaywhiss.com

Subscribe to the Primeboys Youtube Channel for more videos.

You lose? Take the L, learn from the L and work to win. Have a good Friday.

Live. Laugh. Learn. GTA

Later days,



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