Quote of The Day- Good Friends

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March 24, 2017 by SayWordGTA

 In 2017, trust issues is a HUGE concern. Not only trust but the ability to keep friends. The fear of trusting someone and they snake you, or you get the shorter the end, leads people into having these issues. I don’t blame them. We have been so consumed in this “No new friends” , “Mi nuh BEG frien” and multiple lines frequently used to explain the fact we can’t trust people or don’t know how to keep good friends.  Maybe those same people are having issues on being a good companion.
Real Good friends are very hard to come by now a days, that’s why my Momma dearest always says:
 Good frien’ betta dan pocket money
English: True friends are better than money
Money is something that comes and goes. Material things, come and go. Your TRUE friends will ALWAYS be there. Friends can be family or stranger.
So I guess I can say:
“A Good bond betta den pocket money.”
Shout out to my Best friend Rayyyyyyyy!.. (That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend).
Doing her thang in University. She is the definition for a good friend.


Later Days,



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