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March 17, 2017 by EmpressMc

Why fit in if you were born to stand out?

For those who were readers from a yute, can yall guess where this is from?


Dr. Seuss, of course.

But real shit… We were all born with a purpose, I guess, we are all created different. Not saying we can’t like the same things , but now a days people like things because Ricky bobby likes it. Or wear shit because Rihanna had it on and you well know the shits ugly.

People will have a like for something and stop liking it, why?  because another nuh like it?  Nah boom. Be you. It’s easier trust me. As you learn to except your flaws and short comings you begin to feel comfortable in your skin, defiantly due to the fact you know what you need to work on within yourself to evolve as a person.

I have been asked “McCalla, how do you make being weird look so easy?” … One, I thought I was normal lol…2i974ec

Two, I just like to have fun fam. Everywhere I go. As my Jamaican mom would like to say, ‘kin teet (English def: Laughing , Smiling showing teeth) is what I like to do.  Because it is something I enjoy doing, I begin not to care what others think, the world doesn’t have to like you. I prefer to be satisfied, Im selfish that way.  Like Roy Woods said “I been doin me on the daily” Be You.

Live. Laugh. Learn. GTA.

Enjoy the weekend, Turn Up.



Later Days, 



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