GTA Music of Week: Haviah Mighty


March 17, 2017 by EmpressMc

For many who listen to music from the GTA know the music is POPPIN’. There are A LOT of talented individuals bringing different vibes, who reside in the GTA or is doing it big elsewhere. For example, Murda Beatz, Roy Woods, Lex LeosisPartyNextDoor, Jimmy Prime, River Tiber, Leila DeyJay Whiss, Quincy Got Rich!, Derek Wise, McCallaman and Brethren? I can go on and on for days.  (Click on the names to check out their Soundcloud)

From the B aka Brampton (My City, Bullet), we got a Fierce, passionate and mighty 24 yearpicture1 old female rapper who goes by the name of Haviah Mighty (Her real name btw). She is multi-talented and also sings, produces and DJs. Doing it all while making sure she ALWAYS bring her A Game.

Did I mention she gave me a very beneficial convo about DJing and self promotion and  gave me helpful info about the gear? Yea, she knows her shits.

She was born in Toronto and moved to Brampton at the age of 10, so..unu know seh peel district own har now (Does evil Birdman hand rub).

For those who don’t know she came out with a hot album on last week, she calls Flower City. For Free” is her lead single off her album 🔥, that follows a party girl who enjoyed a night of a dude buying drinks and paying for her night. I mean, which gyal wouldn’t?


Y’all know I gotta ask questions and she took the time to answer a few for me.

Why the name Flower City? What is the message behind your album.

Flower City is the official nickname of the city I live in, Brampton. Very few are trying to show love or pay homage to the city, but there’s some great shit out here. Musicians, food – yes, the scene is a suburban city and you don’t GPS Brampton for a turn up but presently, it is my home. My ideologies formed here, my concepts for tracks formed here, where I work and play and where I feel most comfortable – all Brampton. I felt it necessary to show love and pay homage because not enough people are doing it. At the same time, it shows my fans where I’m from and where to find me, and that I’m going against the grain – everybody is up in arms about the 6ix and Toronto is my original home… always was and always will be… but right now, it’s a Brampton ting! 

What song off the album Flower City would you say mean the most to you? (Not saying the rest don’t). Why? 

On The Low! It’s melodic, beautiful, the harmonies are lush and full – the verses are intricately written with light wordplay and a story line that can be followed. And the production is straight fire. This song means the most to me because it makes my ears tingle. It’s just so good! 

Ouuuu, I know that feeling, or makes you grow goosebumps or give you chills? Yaa

What style of music in 3 words would you say you bring?  

Loud, Layered, Lyrical (All L’s for some reason lol – I really am a rapper). 

You being a female in the rap game, how does that feel? Do you feel you have to work harder to be noticed due to gender?  

 I definitely feel that it’s necessary for me to work harder than males in this industry, to get the same type of recognition. I think this will continue until we as the audience demand a variety. There are so many dope female artists killing mics, tracks, stages, and we pretend that’s not happening. I’m trying to be a part of that shift. I try to create music that both men and women can appreciate equally, in hopes that it will be essential to the eventual shift of public opinion of our expectations of female artists, particularly lyricists. 

You doing what you are doing, what would you say to those who are also trying a ting and need motivation ?  

I would say that consistency is the name of the game…step your business up…and love what you do. There’s no other way to make it in my eyes. Without the business, there’s nowhere for the music to flourish. If you’re not consistent, you won’t be remembered and you won’t last very long. And you gotta love what you do, or it will become a task. A chore. And you’ll eventually give up. It’s a ton of work to be a musician, especially when coming up. If you don’t love it, you won’t make it. 

If you can pick an artist that you admire who would that be and why? 

I admire many people – but right now, off the top of my head, I’d have to say I admire


Beautiful, Voluptuous, TiKA. 

Tika Simone and all she is doing within the GTA. She’s putting on events, hosting shows and parties, creating brands… showing young black females proper entrepreneurship. Her movements have taught me a lot about working hard, solidarity, exclusivity and PROGRESS is NEVER OVERNIGHT. Well, usually not. It can take YEARS, whatever you’re working towards, but if you never give up, it’s gotta come sometime… 


Here is a lil slither of TiKA’s dope shit:

Because my belly is long, I have to ask about food.. 

If you could have any dish RIGHT now, what would that be? 

Yo, real talk, GLUTEN. I had to let go of gluten last summer and I’m already a vegetarian so that was like a blow to the face. If I could eat a GODDAMN SUB or BAGEL, I would be so damn happy. I’m simple as fuck, I don’t need much lol. 

If you eat meat, Oxtail or Curry Goat? 

 They smell good. But I was raised a vegetarian so I’ve never tried any meat, and definitely not oxtail or curry goat. I’m sure I’m missing out.

Haviah Mighty, a strong, vibrate, beautiful individual who will continue to MAKE her path. We rate you honey boo! Do your thang!

Here is a track by Ms. Mighty, I personally enjoy oh so much.

Check out her website for shows, downloads and updates.

Also follow her of Soundcloud and go download her album on iTunes.

Live. Laugh. Learn. GTA.

Later Days fam,



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  1. […] So its Monday, I hope unu tek in the quote of the day. I also hope last weeks mixes were turnt up to last week? hmm? Alright. New week, new mixes (Rayy). Like Haviah Mighty said last week “consistency is the name of the game”. […]


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