Never Say Never


March 7, 2017 by EmpressMc

Growing up, I would always joke and make statements like “I would NEVER……” or “That will NEVER be me.” I was always reminded by my Jamaican granny:

“hmm, neva say neva, cah anyting cyan ‘appen.”

In proper English, never say never because anything can happen to anyone.

On this beautiful October night, on my way to go fill up my gut, my boyfriend and I drove by this jail. I was telling him

“The only way I would be in that place is if I’m working there as a nurse. Other than that I could not survive in there as an inmate, I’m too cute and they would want all my holes.”


(Having the mindset that it was like OZ up in that bitch)


2 weeks later, guess who was being checked in to Vanier Centre for Women? Yup. Mccalla.I had to remove everything down to my u-part wig, which the guards had to snip out, while explaining the process of weaving to those who aren’t bitches. For those who know me, you’re probably thinking, WHAT THE FUCK CALLA?

Like I stated before NEVER say NEVER

“What was it like for McCalla?” Is probably the question you guys are thinking, right?

I was in there for a month. It was like a very strict camp with no wifi and rules you gotta follow (God knows I hate rules, it was mental torture). There was TV but you only watched it a certain times and it gets cut just right before we find out who killed the hoe on CSI. Food at first looks like shit but a week in, you will get over it and inhale that shit like u never seen food in your life. Most, not all, of the guards are bitches and feel they can disrespect people who are in greens (inmate sweat suit were green) because, I mean, they are guards.

I spent a lot of my time reading, writing and just thinking of what my life will be like when I get home. Being in there made me realize that this thing called life, is no joke. Being in jail was not a place I liked to be at but it made me look a life in a very different way. I took that time to reflect my “friends” and my life. I looked at it as a new start.

I met an older Jamaican lady after being transferred to medium security (cause ima good yute), who told me that I have a “goat’s mout.”  That’s a Jamaican expression which means jinx. Anything I say or joke about can come true, especially when it comes to an unfavorable future that results in misfortunes. Since then I started taking my words seriously and speaking positivity into my life. Joking is something I do A LOT, but I guess God is trying to tell me LIFE AH NUH PLAY PLAY TING and be careful for what you wish for.

Life will throw shit at you from time to time and sometimes it’s hot.  You gotta get up, wipe that shit off and learn to Glow again. Do you think this will hold me back?

Is water dry?


They say “sky is the limit,” I strongly disagree. I mean there is space which surpasses the sky and goes on forever! My point is you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to, no matter the current situations. It will all pass. It’s not an excuse to give up on what you want out of life. For me? That’s to be a Nurse and a DJ (Maybe, or something along the lines) and just have fun doing it.


We all gotta learn to develop an attitude where we see good, even in the worst situations.  Investing in me is what I’m using this “housey” time for. Learning, trying and putting whatever I feel to do to the test.

Follow your own rules (without breaking the law that is) and do what make YOU happy, not the world. Those who matter in your life will always remain no matter your situation.

We all fall, it is the come up that matters. With God’s grace and guidance, I will be good.


Remember Never say Never.

Later Days,


Follow pon twitta nuh?


2 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. John savage says:

    I agree wish your positive life into reality and actually make moves to better yourself and in time life will sort out as much as it can for you. That means also life will throw u curve balls but u have to learn to try to make ur situation better always n never worse!!!


  2. […] I said in my previous story about my jail experience, for me? The process of this situation is considered my wind. That doesn’t mean I can’t […]


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